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Celeste x Mae Woven

Celeste x Mae Woven

Today we are highlighting the wonderful Celeste Clark. We admire her for many, many reasons. She lives down south with her sweet husband & 5 month old babe, Wilde. Celeste loves to create. She even has a self-made business run right out of the comfort of her home! She has amazing taste and the sweetest personality. That, along with millions of other reasons, is why we chose her to be our October 'Mae Woven Muse'.

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I was born and raised in the greatest state of north Texas, and it shows. My southern pride runs deep! I met my husband while attending college in Provo, Utah. He makes me (and basically everyone around him) pee my pants laughing, and that's how I knew we would be together forever. We welcomed our sweet, chunky baby boy into the world this last April and truly could not imagine life without his little rolly polly self! My world basically revolves around loving on these two, exploring the outdoors, Thai food and creating anything and everything that consumes every corner of my brain! 

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What is your strongest personal quality and why?

My husband loves to point out how head-strong I am, haha. But if I had to choose something that I'm proud of, then I would say my drive to succeed. I grew up in a home watching my father create and fix everything from scratch. He basically wrote the book on being an entrepreneur and as a result, three out of four of his children own their own businesses! My parents were always very supportive anytime I would choose some new, wacky thing to pursue. I think this helped shape my confidence as a business owner and just a human being in general. If I'm not progressing in something, then I'm bored. Once I finally reach a goal, I am eager to move on to the next challenge to learn from and hopefully succeed in.

How has motherhood changed your outlook on life? 

Absolutely everything has done a 360, head flop, then scrambled up – just to sum it up, haha. You can read all the books and talk to all the pros, but no one can truly prepare you for the change your heart makes the moment that tiny human is placed on your bare chest for the first time. My entire world revolves around him and his health and happiness, and, it is truly so fulfilling to know that. I have to text my husband at least five times a day stating how my love for Wilde is exponential. If I had to move to the other side of the world on a deserted island for him, I would at the drop of a hat. My heart has swelled x10 and suddenly all the trivial things I'd normally be hung up on in life don't matter anymore. My brain and energy go entirely towards him! Which has made me SO much happier! I never knew how much I really needed him in my life.

What are your biggest career aspirations and what do you plan on doing to achieve them?

The list would wrap around the world I think, hah! I am always actively and consciously finding new ways to grow as a brand. Sometimes the dreams become so far fetched, it almost seems impossible. But that doesn't stop me from trying my darnedest to achieve my goals. I would love to branch out of solely painting custom work and really putting my artwork into production in things like clothes, wallpaper, home goods, etc. I think my way of achieving them is to continue to climb that ladder, no matter how many times I'm told "no" {which is A LOT!} and take each day at time. Rome wasn't built overnight ya know. ;)

What was one of your most defining moments in life?

Other than becoming a mother; I would say it came to me at such a young age, so I am shocked it truly stuck to me as a "defining moment" as an angsty teen. When I was 18 years old, I had plans to attend Art school to study photography in Dallas and stay in my comfort zone and bubble of a hometown. I was content, had all of my friends near me and had no reason for change. I remember in late August, a week before college was supposed to start, a light went off and I realized my life needed to be turned around in that moment. Literally. As painful as the decision was, I dropped all of my plans and life to move to Utah where I didn't know a soul, and suddenly I was completely vulnerable... Something I'd never experienced before. With that came so much growth, starting my business and best of all, finding my soulmate. I truly would not have this amazing business based off my artwork and lovely life if I didn't take that scary leap. I'm sure I'll have many more defining moments throughout life, but this has been the biggest and best one yet!
Website: Celeste Clark
Youtube: Celeste Clark
Instagram: @celestecclark
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Shelby x Mae Woven

Shelby x Mae Woven

As a company run by women, we're starting a new series highlighting some women we think are inspiring!

Our first is beautiful Shelby, positive, uplifting, mother of four boys. She and her family live in SLC, Utah in an older home chalk full of charm. She and her husband Brandon do videography work with companies, along with documenting their own family life. They love to travel, hike, build, bike...anything active that allows them to be together as a family. 

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Tell us a little about yourself...

I am a mom to four little boys and love to adventure with them! I absolutely love to document whether thats journaling, taking photos, and my biggest passion which is videography. 

What inspires you the most?   

If I'm needing to clear my head, I step away from my work place whether that is working on my home, laundry, my blog or any other work and using my hands and my body out in nature.  Getting out in nature or even outside truly is a reset, clears my mind and helps me with hone in on my perspective about life. 

How would you describe your personal style?   

I'm a big fan of comfy but still classy, so relaxed and loose make me feel comfortable. I don't stray too far from the neutral colors in my wardrobe but if I wear brighter colors I love them to be monochromatic. 

What do you feel the most proud of?

Cliche as it sounds, but my relationship with my husband. We work hard to love and work together as a team. We try really hard to never take each other for granted and speak highly of the other person. I feel so lucky to have someone that I get along with so much, and wants to work hard at a relationship as well. 


Any tips on living a more rich, meaningful life?

Being grateful, we hear it over and over again, but I truly believe it gives a more meaningful life. Gratitude  is what will pierce a grieving or unsettled heart to be light and happy. Notice the small and ordinary things. These things are what will help us be more present  and create a rich life.
Instagram: @shelbyosmond
Pinterest: Shelby Osmond