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New Turkish Towels

New Turkish Towels

Our new Turkish towels just hit the site and we are in love! Turkish cotton has a unique fiber length that adds strength and gives it an extra smooth feel.  After each wash, our Turkish towels get softer and more absorbent making them a great addition to any bathroom, travel kit, or beach bag. They're machine washable and dryer friendly at low to medium heat, but we recommend line drying for a crisp, fresh feel.

We use towels every day and adding a little extra softness and absorbency goes a long way. We have a variety of textures and thicknesses for you to wrap up in, whether you're at home, picnicking on the beach, or traveling abroad.


No. 01 - Pin Striped Turkish Towel

This towel is ultra-light, perfect for taking on trips abroad. The thin material is packable and dries quickly, making it easy to stop for an afternoon at the beach on your way to your next destination. 


No. 02 - Charcoal Striped Terry Turkish Towel

The super soft terry fabric makes this a cozy addition to any bathroom or beach bag. The extra thickness of terry fabric adds absorbency and softness while maintaining the packability of a traditional Turkish towel.

No. 03 -  Black Lined Turkish Towel

This ultra-light towel is a staple for traveling; wear it as a cover up by the pool, use as a picnic blanket for long days at the beach, or stash it in your carry on to us as a blanket for cold plane rides.


No. 04 - Gingham Terry Turkish Towel

This extra thick and luxurious towel adds a playful texture styled in your bathroom or peaking out of your pool bag. It also doubles as an extra soft towel to lay down when soaking up the sun at the beach.


We know you'll love our new Turkish towels as much as we do, whether wearing them on your next adventure or laying out with your favorite magazine.

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