Our Story

Have you ever known exactly what you wanted but couldnt find it? That's actually how this all got started--the curse of being exceptionally particular! Emmy found herself making and/or designing her own wedding dress, carseat cover, wall art, clothing, etc. On a whim, she posted a project on Instagram and received an overwhelming amount of inquiries, asking about purchasing the product. A business was born! 

First it was a hobby that in some ways validated her ideas. Then it was a fun part time job that she could do while having a newborn. Eventually it became a full time job.

Now it is much more. You see, a lot of women from all over the world are having similar experiences. Our company has been a gateway for connecting, loving, developing, sharing, and creating. Possibly most importantly, supporting women from all walks of life, all areas, and all demographics. Together we are helping foster independence and, in our own little way, make the world a little more beautiful.