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Mae Woven

The Story Behind Kilim

The Story Behind Kilim

What inspired you to sell Kilim pillows?

At Mae Woven, we believe in small batch handmade home goods that are well made, functional and beneficial for the world we live in. The inspiration behind offering Kilim pillows was not to sell a decorative pillow, but to invite in the culture, art, and history of handmade artisan pieces to your home! Sourcing Kilim pillows for the use of a variety of spaces is our way to honor the authenticity of a handmade rug crafted into a pillow.

This craft is developed by an artisan who has put all of their efforts into making it. In the history of Kilim rug weaving, the artisan does their best in choosing colors and patterns that best represent their family and celebration of their culture. Mae Woven fell in love with the culture and soulful process that goes into creating each piece, we were driven to share these one-of-a-kind pillows with you!

What are Mae Woven Kilim pillows made from?

Our Kilim pillows are crafted from Turkey and made from vintage wool rugs. Wool is used because of its inherent qualities. It is durable and handles easily when woven. Most importantly, there is a plentiful supply of wool in kilim-making regions such as Turkey.

How is the design created?

Kilim designs are made with a flat woven and hand-loomed technique to create a variety of designs or colors. 

The rugs we choose for making kilim pillows can be up to a few decades old. Typically, they were made for personal or family use by previous generations and passed down to their children and grandchildren who have decided to repurpose their beauty.

What makes Kilim pillows one-of-a-kind?

Since Kilim is created from vintage Turkish rugs, each pillow that is sourced from the artisan is each of its own. The process of crafting the vintage fabric into pillows is a mindful art that takes time and restocks happen upon Kilim pillows being completed by our artisans. This collection perfect for statement pieces or to mix patterns. They can add an element of elegance and texture to any space!

We hope you enjoy the Kilim collection as much as we do! 

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Brittany X Mae Woven

Brittany X Mae Woven

What was your experience with IVF and what piece of advice would you give someone going through that right now? 

We went through quite the emotional roller coaster with IVF. After years of unsuccessfully trying to grow our family, we decided to see a fertility specialist and  found out I have a rare genetic mutation where I’m missing 2 copies of the MTHFR gene. Because of that, my egg reserve is extremely low and the chances of us getting pregnant, even with IVF, were very slim...

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Your Guide to Turkish Towels

Your Guide to Turkish Towels

Towels may not be at the top of your mind, but they should be. You use them every day, so wouldn’t you want to wrap yourself in something ultra soft and absorbent?  

Pestemal or Turkish bath towel — however you fold it, there’s nothing quite like wrapping yourself in a luxuriously lush Mae Woven Turkish towel after a bath or day at the beach. Made of the finest Turkish cotton, Mae Woven Turkish cotton towels can even be used as a decorative throw or picnic blanket; plus they make perfect presents. Whether treating yourself, your guests, or a friend, the everyday uses are endless with these gorgeous, machine washable Turkish towels.


Turkish Towels are your new go to fitness towel. They are fast drying and highly absorbent.  


Be sure to pack our beloved towels for your next trip! They are lightweight and would save space for other necessities. 


Whether you're lounging in the sun or planning a picnic, Turkish Towels are essential to your ultimate comfort. 


Body + hand towels are the perfect accessory for your bathroom or kitchen. Serves both form AND function – the best of both worlds.

We hope you enjoy our Turkish Towels as much as we do. They truly are a staple piece in our lives!