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Hill - From the mountains of Thailand, to your home.

Hill - From the mountains of Thailand, to your home.

Meet our Hill Collection! These beautiful pillow covers are crafted from ceremonial clothing, hand-woven by the Hmong Hill Tribe. Nestled in the mountainous regions of Thailand, women of these remote communities follow the entire production process, from harvesting hemp to weaving each textile by hand on a traditional backstrap loom.

Once harvested, bundles of hemp are dried in the sun, boiled in ash water, then taken to rivers to be washed. Once stripped down, the fibers are line dried, creating a blank canvas for locally made, natural dyes. The fibers are spun into thread, then transformed into beautiful textiles through weaving on a backstrap loom. This meticulous process has been passed down, creating generations of ceremonial clothing.

After sustainably sourcing these textiles from the Hmong people, members of our in-house team got to work designing our Hill Collection. We’ve carefully crafted a process of creating pillow covers that honor the original purpose of these fabrics. We’ve preserved the intricate fringe edges found at the bottom of these garments and carefully closed the head-openings. With subtle hues created by the natural dying process, each pillow has a unique color combination.

We love pairing these with linen pillows and pillows from our Thailand collection. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with the natural beauty of our Hill Collection as they travel from the mountainous regions of Thailand to your home.

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May 05, 2020

I love your pillows. Can I order more than one of the same kind? What’s your return policy?

Laura cole

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