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Our newest pillow collection is here! We specifically curated this collection from various cities located within Thailand. Chiang Mai is the fabric capital and offers an abundance of choices – it was not easy to narrow down our top picks. When choosing the perfect pieces for this collection, we wanted to hone in on the earthy colors and textures these fabrics emulate. At Mae Woven, we focus on small batch and believe in thoughtfully curating handmade home goods that are well-made, functional, and beneficial for the world we live in.

In order to keep these looking brand new, we recommend spot cleaning or even dry cleaning for best possible result.

New Turkish Towels

New Turkish Towels

Our new Turkish towels just hit the site and we are in love! Turkish cotton has a unique fiber length that adds strength and gives it an extra smooth feel.  After each wash, our Turkish towels get softer and more absorbent making them a great addition to any bathroom, travel kit, or beach bag. They're machine washable and dryer friendly at low to medium heat, but we recommend line drying for a crisp, fresh feel.Read more
Styling Our Pillows in Your Home

Styling Our Pillows in Your Home

We often receive questions from customers about styling our pillows in their homes. To help answer these, we've gathered our favorite tips and tricks to find your style and apply it to your home. We believe that by representing yourself in your decor, you'll feel more at home in your space.

We love using our handwoven pillows as a simple way to switch up the style of any space. Pillows add warmth, increase livability, and help express your unique style in your home.

When developing your personal style, ask yourself these questions:

1)   How do I dress? Do I like a lot of color and pattern?

2)   Do I like to match things (match shoes and purse, etc.)? Am I more comfortable using a matching set of dishes or do I like to mix it up?

3)   Do I like many decorative elements or do I prefer more minimalist and simple style?

Once you've determined your style, you'll know what works best for you and your home.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get started:

MONOCHROMATIC / If you love to mix patterns and styles, selecting pillows that have the same predominant colors can help the combination feel more cohesive.


MIXING TEXTURES / Mixing textures is a great way to bring visual interest into any space. We love mixing pillows of different colors and patterns for a playful spin on traditional home decor. You can achieve a more minimalist look by mixing textures that have similar patterns or predominant colors.


MIXING SIZES / Create dimension in your space by mixing pillows of different sizes on sofas, beds, or benches. We love throwing in a lumbar (or two!) to complement the larger, square pillows!


A FEW OR MANY  / When it comes to the quantity of pillows, you can't go wrong. A single pillow on the end of a sofa can be a beautiful statement and a collection of pillows on your couch can create a comfy composition. 


Happy styling!

-The Mae Woven Team