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Tips for Mixing and Matching Pillows for Your Sofa

Tips for Mixing and Matching Pillows for Your Sofa

For one of the easiest ways to update your home decor, throw pillows are a quick and easy upgrade. And because throw pillows can be affordable and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures, it’s easier than ever to go from frumpy and boring to a style that more matches your own unique lair. It’s time to toss those old pillows that came with your couch and create a cohesive, updated look that speaks to your inner stylist.

It can be tricky to know how to mix and match throw pillows on a sofa, but with these 6 tips, you’ll go from drab to delightful in no time at all.

Forget Matching

Perhaps the most important idea to get out of your mind is the one that says you need to match. Nothing says dated and boring than matching pillows. Going for a basic color scheme, or three or four colors that work together, means no matter the pattern, texture, or shape, you’ll have an updated aesthetic for your throw pillows.

It’s also fine to choose pillows within the same theme, say a boho look, or a geometrical, black and white theme. Having a cohesive design style will look thoughtfully modern.

Odd for Modern, Even for Traditional

For a modern look, aim for an odd number of pillows, and keep the total amount of pillows on the low end (three, or five max). Too many pillows can look overwhelming, and create a space that isn’t inviting. If your style is more traditional, you should aim for an even number of pillows for a balanced, symmetrical look that still looks fresh and updated (aim for two or four pillows).

Mixing Textures is In

Mixing patterns and colors is a great start to updating your pillow game, but don’t forget textures in the process. Find pillows made from different fabric textures and create a look that varies in color, pattern, and texture for a truly cozy, visually interesting couch. For varied textures, try exciting textiles like cactus silk pillows, Moroccan wool pillows, and fresh linen pillows. African Mud Cloth and Baoulé pillows add exciting patterns and designs as well as texture.

Remember, while you’re totally allowed to “go wild” here with texture (fur, velvet, even leather aren’t off limits) subtle textile differences — like between Mud Cloth and Moroccan Wool — can also be striking, while maintaining a modern, minimalist look.

The Fill is Important

Down pillow fills offer a softer, luxe to your sofa, while pillows made of synthetic fibers are more wallet-friendly will retain their shape better. Mae Woven uses down alternative pillow fills, for a budget conscious option that holds the shape and chuff of down, while remaining environmentally friendly and cruelty free.

Think Outside the Box

Traditionally, most throw pillows are square. And while there is a place for traditional and square, it’s perfectly acceptable—encouraged, even—to think outside the box here, and select some rectangular pillows, lumbar pillows, or other shapes. This will modernize your couch style.

Just Forget all the Rules

Okay, these rules are good to follow because they work in aesthetically pleasing, artful ways. But these rules aren’t really actually rules that you must follow. If you prefer an eclectic look, or have a more bohemian style, or just simply like what you like and don’t give a thought to rules of aesthetic, just go for what you want to go for. Ultimately, creating a look with throw pillows should fit what you like…no matter what.

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