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How to Style a Throw Blanket

How to Style a Throw Blanket

A great stylish throw blanket can be the perfect way to add an accent or flair to your decor, pulling together tones and textures in a space with little actual effort on your part. They add a homey feel to any room and can be used to complement the color, style, or texture of a room.

In addition to adding style to a room, a throw blanket, of course, has its functional advantages. In the winter they are great for cuddling up by the fire or on the couch while watching a movie with loved ones.

In warmer months, you may want to switch to lighter fabrics. The advantage here is having the opportunity to be more playful with the texture and weave of the throw. It can also help transition your household decor through the seasons, balancing the color scheme with light and brightness in the summer months or deep earth tones in the winter.


For a sitting area or a bedroom, you can fold the throw in half, lengthwise and:

  • Style it over a statement chair, placing a pillow on top
  • Drape over the arm of a sofa or chair, with a pillow placed in the corner
  • Drape over the center of the sofa, spilling over the back
  • Fold on the sofa, underneath decorative pillows
  • Use the full area of the throw blanket and cover the center panels
  • Use the full area of the throw blanket and align juxtaposed so that two corners meet the back frame with the rest of the throw blanket hanging onto the seat and down the back
  • Cross diagonally over one side of the couch, again with pillows to cover it
  • Fold across the foot of the bed to deliminate the end of the bed. Typically the throw at the foot of the bed adds a nice complimentary color to the bedroom scheme
  • Fold across the head the bed, just where the duvet is folded over. Typically a throw blanket in this position adds a contrast to highlight stylish decorative pillows against the backdrop of a duvet. It often adds dimension to an otherwise uniform landscape
  • Drape over a headboard


If you want a less formal look, you can opt not to fold the throw in half, lengthwise and instead:

  • Throw casually on the center of the bed, full surface area utilized
  • Hang on a hook or coat rack to add a splash of color to the walls
  • Hang as wall art

There are so many options and combinations you can try out to add style to your home decor. The versatility, functional usage, and warmth added to your room by the thoughtful use of a throw blanket can make a big difference in adding a “homey” touch to your house. It can invite guests to get comfortable and feel at home. So pick up one while you’re out and get started.

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