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Mae Woven

Mae Woven in the Wild

Mae Woven in the Wild

Cover photo by @paigejonesphoto.

Today we are sharing some of our favorite ways our customers have styled their homes using our pillows, blankets, and baskets.

When styling a bed…

You can never have too many pillows! When styling with throw pillows, try using different size variations.

Try this pillow combination idea: Make your bed with your normal sleeping pillows, then stack two 20" pillows side by side in front. We love the incorporation of both black and white mud cloth here. From there, add a lumbar pillow to make the scene feel more full. Top off the stack with a third 20". Finally, add a decorative mud cloth bed scarf to tie in the differing fabrics. Try keeping the stack monochromatic for a more minimal look.

Pillows we suggest using:

White Mud Cloth options:

Rudo (20”

Raj (20")

Black Mud Cloth options:

Zade (20”)

Zimbabwe (20”)

Lumbar options:

No. 4 (14” X 22”)

Zain in Black (14” X 22”)

Front pillow options:

No. 5 (20”)

Imani (20”)

Malee (20”)

White Mud Cloth Pillow & Black Mud Cloth Pillow & Mud Cloth Throw
Post via @arrowsandbow

Think unique…

One out-of-the-ordinary way to style your throw pillows is pairing them together in a blanket basket. This will make the room feel cozier and adds some depth. In this example, we love how a basic mud cloth has been paired with a more detailed throw pillow, then stacked on multiple folded blankets. In addition, try styling pillows on a unique piece of furniture to make it stand out more. For instance, add a more colorful accent to a simple indoor swing.

Basket suggestions:

First combination idea:

Rupi Throw + Nailah in Gray (20”) + Preed (20”)

Second combination suggestion:

Tetechas Throw + Nadia (20”) + Mbali in Black (20”)


Swing suggestions:

Swing 1 & Swing 2

First combination idea:

Naja (22") + Rooi (22")

Second combination idea:

Latice (18") + Kidal (20"-22")

Pink Mud Cloth Pillow & Baoulé Pillow
Photos via @celestecclark & @maddiebroderick

Aiming for sophistication…

While not everyone will see your bathroom, you can still add some finesse without too much effort. Instead of hanging your towels on a typical rack, drape your turkish towels over the side of your tub for a more sophisticated look. We love the incorporation of beautiful bath accessories. Here are some of our current favorites:

Black Check Turkish Towel & Black and White Stripe Turkish Towel
Photos via @caro_kmartin and @branchabode

Playing dress up...

Dress up your bags & baskets by arranging some blooms or household items, such as blankets, hats, and so forth. They make for an easy, smooth, and pretty transportation. Adding keychains, bandana’s, or pom poms also contribute to the overall appearance. Some additions we currently love:

Or, our favorite option, get crafty and make your own!

Market Bag & Black and White Turkish Towel
Photos via @amandabarkerphotography & @maddiebroderick

We hope that these styling tips gave you the inspiration you were looking for! Be sure to follow our Pinterest to see more customer photos. Remember, if you need help styling your #maewoven products, we have designers that are here to help! Assistance is just an email away!

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