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The Guide to Inserting Pillow Fills into Pillow Covers

The Guide to Inserting Pillow Fills into Pillow Covers

A guide you didn’t know you needed but which will come in handy!

Here at Mae Woven, we install many fluffy pillow inserts into close fitting covers.  There’s just something about a really fluffy, soft, choppable pillow. We believe that we have perfected the method of putting the least amount of strain on zippered or any other type of opening.

(This is also to help prevent that “Uhh, my zipper has broken”, which we then will hear about 😉)

The following is a 6 step pictorial tutorial..

1.  After unzipping your cover (just short of all the way). Fold your fill in half and hold it until we say to release it!

2.  Put the folded insert through the middle of the opening all the way to the far side.

3.  When the insert is entirely inside, release, and push the far corners of the insert into the cover corners.
4.  Then, work the near insert corners into the near pillow cover corners.
5.  Zip the cover gently and shake the pillow to fill all sides, turning and shaking.
6.  When it is evenly filled, set your beautiful pillow somewhere nice, chop the center and admire how it truly enhances your décor.

 You are welcome!! And here is a direct link to our fantastic Down Alternative Fills!


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