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All About Injiri

All About Injiri

Injiri: a colloquial pronunciation of the world India, and derives its name from the Kalabari word for Real Madras textiles exported to West Africa from South India. 

"Started by textile designer Chinar Farooqui in 2009, Injiri works with hand-loomed textiles for clothing and the home. The label is entirely based on the idea of celebrating the process of hand-woven and handcrafted Indian textiles; the clothes are little stories about the textiles they are made of. The label believes in working within the limitations of the techniques to create beautiful products."

–– Injiri: Aesthetic Movement

"On a piece of paper, Chinar Farooqui illustrates her impressions of recent journeys. The colors, lines, shapes, lighting, and shadows all materialize onto the surface from vivid images in her mind. She then takes her work to the weavers’ houses. Using traditional textiles as references for techniques, she develops textile patterns side by side with skilled weavers on their wooden looms.

For Farooqui’s home and fashion label, Injiri, everything begins with textile design. Instead of searching for fabrics on the market, Farooqui always makes her own fabrics from scratch. Patterns and styles first take shape on the traditional hand looms, and from there, she cuts her textiles into garments and home goods."

–– Minzuu

These gorgeous Injiri fabrics are made entirely by hand – from weaving and dyeing to the last trims and finishes; it passes through the hands of craftspeople from various parts of India utilizing traditional skills and techniques that differ from region to region. There may be slight irregularities in the fabrics due to the weaving and dyeing process. 

We, at Mae Woven, fell in love with the beauty and thoughtful patterns of these gorgeous fabrics. We are beyond excited to share them with you! 

All information via: Injiri – Aesthetic Movement & Minzuu


May 09, 2019

Hi Emmy!

How are you doing? I absolutely adore your store and that got to me explore a potential collaboration with you, My name is Neha and I’m from India. I work with Indian artisans to create custom block printed fabric, handwoven fabrics in different colours and prints, everything handmade. The idea is to empower these artisans, quiet a few of them are women artists sustaining their families.

Just wanted to get in touch with you to see if there is something we can work out together, in helping you source from India. Do let me know if this interests you, would be great to associate.

Have a great day!

Neha M.

Neha Malhotra
May 09, 2019

Thank you for sharing! This is such an informative article. I am big fan of the mission and vision for Mae Woven. Love the authenticity and purpose behind your brand. Looking forward to supporting and following your continued success : )


-Sameer Somal
Co-Founder Blue Ocean Global Technology

Sameer Somal

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