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Mae Woven

Shelby x Mae Woven

Shelby x Mae Woven

As a company run by women, we're starting a new series highlighting some women we think are inspiring!

Our first is beautiful Shelby, positive, uplifting, mother of four boys. She and her family live in SLC, Utah in an older home chalk full of charm. She and her husband Brandon do videography work with companies, along with documenting their own family life. They love to travel, hike, build, bike...anything active that allows them to be together as a family. 

Bed pillow & Linen pillows

Tell us a little about yourself...

I am a mom to four little boys and love to adventure with them! I absolutely love to document whether thats journaling, taking photos, and my biggest passion which is videography. 

What inspires you the most?   

If I'm needing to clear my head, I step away from my work place whether that is working on my home, laundry, my blog or any other work and using my hands and my body out in nature.  Getting out in nature or even outside truly is a reset, clears my mind and helps me with hone in on my perspective about life. 

How would you describe your personal style?   

I'm a big fan of comfy but still classy, so relaxed and loose make me feel comfortable. I don't stray too far from the neutral colors in my wardrobe but if I wear brighter colors I love them to be monochromatic. 

What do you feel the most proud of?

Cliche as it sounds, but my relationship with my husband. We work hard to love and work together as a team. We try really hard to never take each other for granted and speak highly of the other person. I feel so lucky to have someone that I get along with so much, and wants to work hard at a relationship as well. 


Any tips on living a more rich, meaningful life?

Being grateful, we hear it over and over again, but I truly believe it gives a more meaningful life. Gratitude  is what will pierce a grieving or unsettled heart to be light and happy. Notice the small and ordinary things. These things are what will help us be more present  and create a rich life.
Instagram: @shelbyosmond
Pinterest: Shelby Osmond

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